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A/V Specialist

Audio Engineer

Video engineer

Zoom Operator

Website Design

A/V Consultation

Brent Hodge

Owner/operator MTA Group

I have over 25 years of experience in Audio/Video and Client/Talent experience. I am comfortable in corporate as well as entertainment venues. I have worked in the roles of A1, A2, V2, L2, LED Engineer, and Camera Operator. I have recruited, trained, and led both full-time staff as well as teams of volunteers to work in audio/ video roles. I thrive in active environments. I am a problem solver, efficient, and detail-oriented. I value teamwork and good communication. I am a people person and I am quick to adapt to any existing needs.

Key Competencies


Digital and Audio Consoles (Soundcraft, Midas, Behringer, Allen & Heath, QSC, Yamaha).
Powered and Passive Speakers Systems. Wireless and Wired mics. In- Ear Systems.


Digital Switching (Black Magic, Roland, Sony).
Camera Operation (Sony, Panasonic, Black Magic).
LED Operation, setup and tear Down


Platforms (WordPress, Squarespace, WIX). Hosting and Domain experience. CSS, PHP


Logic Pro • Pro Tools • Adobe Creative Suite • Black Magic Software • Windows Office • Keynote • NovaLCT • VMix • Streaming (Wirecast, OBS, Etc.) • ProPresenter • Teleconferencing Software (Zoom, WebEx, etc.) • MAC/PC

What makes
MTA different?

EXPERIENCE. 25+ years of working in A/V environments allow us to give you quality work with expertise. Let’s talk about your next event or project.